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Chili Beach SPA & Wellness
The following treatments are designed to detoxify, relax and tone the body. They combine purification, nutrition, hydration and relaxation techniques that relieve tension and renew ones energy and vitality.
"HEAVEN" THERAPY - 1h and 40m Restorative body exfoliation with extracts of guarana and acai (tropical fruits from the Amazon rain forest) followed by a mineral-rich clay mask which eliminates toxins from the skin and activates cell regeneration. The treatment is completed with a grape seed oil rub. The experience will leave your skin silky smooth... “PASSION” THERAPY - 1h and 40 m Full-body exfoliation with extracts of passion fruit which promotes whitening, hydrates the skin and removes dead cells. The therapy includes a 60 minute massage with warm oil which relieves tensions and will leave you feeling renewed and revitalized.
Therapeutic Baths 30 to 40 min (A therapeutic bath can be combined with a “Heaven” or “Passion” body therapy or with the Relaxation Massage) Hydrotherapy, which has been used since antiquity, is regaining popularity due to its therapeutic value as well as its ability to renew energy, combat stress and revitalize the skin and muscles. It is also widely used to treat arthritis, osteoarthritis, dislocations and sprains. The herbs used have detoxifying properties, give a moisturizing and invigorating effect and provide relaxation to the whole body.
In traditional Eastern cultures, hydrotherapy is used to relieve pain caused by everyday stress and in the treatment of PMS. The bath increases the metabolism through perspiration, a state which favors the elimination of toxins which cause fatigue and aging. During the therapy the body temperature can reach almost 40 degrees.
Therapeutic Herbs and their Healing Properties
Eucalyptus: respiratory problems, rheumatism, insecurity
Lavender: stress, headaches, fatigue, blood circulation
Passion Fruit: has a soothing and relaxing effect
Rue: gives energy, spiritual protection
Fennel: intestinal problems, colic, irritability
Chocolate: relaxant that promotes well-being, skin moisturizer
Roses: treats inflammations, antidepressant
Therapeutic Massage 1h and 15m The therapeutic massage is recommended for all ages. This massage unblocks and regulates the body´s natural flow of energy bringing a sense of balance, lightness and peace with oneself. It is indicated in the treatment of: insomnia, stress, back pain as well as localized pain. This massage is also recommended in the treating anxiety, anguish and depression As a preventative treatment it balances ones energy and harmonizes the body, mind and spirit. The treatment is personalized with the massage therapist making an objective diagnosis of the areas that require attention.
Relaxing Massage 1h The relaxing massage is performed by applying gentle movements to the body, which provide muscle relaxation, improve blood circulation and relieve stress. This massage is recommended for people with fibromyalgia. The touch is light in order to stimulate the production of the hormones responsible for relaxation. Developed to produce a sensation of well-being, the massage is painless, pleasant, and has a calming effect by lowering the heart rate which results in a sense of renewed vigor and vitality.
Swedish Massage 1h and 15m The Swedish massage is one of the most well-known therapeutic massages. The primary benefit of this technique is the expulsion of lactic acid from the muscle fibers. It is highly recommended for athletes because it consists of specific techniques which focus on the whole body or a specific point, and relieve muscle fatigue, eliminating physical and mental stress. The primary techniques include sliding, kneading, rolling, friction and stretches. Each technique follows a specific direction (usually toward the heart, facilitating the circulatory system). The pressure applied can vary from mild to moderate and in some cases deep or very deep, depending on the desired objective. Benefits: . Increases flexibility . Reduces pain and inflammation . Raises the metabolism . Improves circulation . Treats and cures pain (i.e. sciatic nerve, cervical, arthritis and sprains) . Eliminates physical and emotional stress
CALIFORNIAN MASSAGE 1h and 10m This massage was developed in Esalen, California and is characterized by long, fluid and harmonious strokes, pressing critical points, which transmits a sense of pleasure and renewed energy. The massage is both physically and mentally relaxing and incorporates the use of essential oils. It combines Western techniques of stimulating the muscles, circulation and lymphatic system with Eastern concepts of reactivating energy points and the exchange of energy between the massage therapist and the individual. Benefits: .Acts on the energy flow of the meridians . Stimulates blood circulation and the lymphatic system. . Stimulates the respiratory system . Increases the oxygen received by body tissue . Helps digestion and the elimination of toxins.
AYURVEDIC MASSAGE 1h and 15m This vigorous massage originated in India. It incorporates ancient Ayurvedic and Yoga techniques. The massage is given using natural oils and aromatic calamus powder (vekhand). This aromatic powder eliminates dead cells and stimulates circulation. The techniques used include stretches, twists, deep breathing and meditation. The benefits of this massage include the correcting of posture, relief from muscle pain, reduced risk of muscle and joint injury, unlocking of stress points allowing the free flow of vital energy, increased flexibility and strengthened muscles. It is effective in treating insomnia and depression. It has a positive effect on one’s emotional state of mind providing greater awareness of one’s self.
Dream Massage (Four Hand Massage) 1h and 15m The four hand massage is the only holistic massage that incorporates elements from the six best massage techniques (Swedish, Californian, Shiatsu, Ayurvedic, Therapy and Lymphatic Drainage) as well as Reiki. It utilizes the therapeutic power of the hands to increase the body's ability to regenerate. It fuses Western techniques with ancient oriental relaxation methods. The Dream Massage works the nervous system with subtle energy, preparing the muscles in a gradual manner to receive deep presses. This therapy causes complete spinal stretching and relieves muscle pain. As the back muscles are toned, posture improves. Slow, synchronized movements bring balance and deep relaxation, transporting you to a dreamlike state. The aesthetic result is immediate, the skin radiates, retention of body fluid is reduced and your inner beauty is brought to the fore. (Weleda Regenerating Body Oil is used in this massage).
Lymphatic Drainage 1h Lymphatic drainage is a massage technique that works on the lymphatic system, stimulating and accelerating the movement of lymph to the lymph nodes. The main function of this massage is to remove accumulated liquids between cells and metabolic waste. This technique also stimulates tissue regeneration, boosts the immune system, relaxes and calms, reduces cellulite and localized fat deposits and improves the natural anti-inflammatory action of the body. The primary technique used is small circles with the hand and thumb combined with pressure at key points. It is important to note that this massage is not recommended for with acute infections, heart problems, hypertension, cancer, asthma or asthmatic bronchitis.

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